The Chicago Temple Project

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dbHMS: Creative Engineering Solutions

dbHMSdbHMS is an industry leader in creative engineering solutions for building systems. The company has worked closely with architectural firm Hasbrouck Peterson Zimoch Sirirattumrong in the past, and is pleased to work with the firm on the Chicago Temple Project as well. Together, the two companies offer an unusual synergy of historic preservation and envelope-pushing design solutions.

"This is a very unique project," said Guy Valcour, founding principal. "And it knocks out half the energy costs of running the building." dbHMS has worked with HPZS to modernize every part of the Temple that involves energy usage, from the two-story custom air handling unit installed on the roof right down to the new LED bulbs in the exit signs. The changes include upgrades to air handling, heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical systems.

In piecing together the details of this radical overhaul, the architects and engineers had to work within the inherent limitations of the historic structure while at the same time meeting the demands of 21st-century building standards as well as the needs of the building’s occupants. These strictures led the team toward a variety of unprecedented solutions and design features that make the renovation completely unique. Principal Sachin Anand compares the project – particularly the air handling aspect of the design – to a giant jigsaw puzzle.

dbHMS is at the forefront of design for today’s commercial, institutional, retail, health care and industrial buildings.