The Chicago Temple Project

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Hill Mechanical Services

Hill Mechanical Services, an affiliate of Hill Mechanical Group, Chicago's largest trade contractor, brought together a diverse team of industry innovators for the Chicago Temple project. In all its work, whether residential, commercial or industrial, the Hill team of engineers and technicians employs a holistic, system-based approach that leads to energy savings as well as savings for clients.

A leader in HVAC expertise in the Chicago area for more than 60 years, Hill worked closely with the project team to help preserve the architectural heritage of this historic structure while bringing the Temple's mechanical systems into the 21st century. They were in charge of orchestrating the entire lift the day of the event, bringing in their team of expert engineers, sheet metal workers and transportation specialists. Hill was key in bringing in outside partners such as crane operators, ground survey teams and outside trucking organizations, to help ensure that nothing was left to chance the day of the lift.