The Chicago Temple Project

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TEC: Coordinated Distribution

TECTemperature Equipment Corporation, based in Lansing, Illinois, is the Chicago area’s largest distributor of heating, cooling and ventilation equipment. The company specializes in high-efficiency Carrier brands for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

"Here we have a building that is nearly one hundred years old, whose structure is sound, and whose historical significance is undeniable," said Stan Grossman, of TEC. “The building’s systems were not sound, though. Several creative people have put their heads together and come up with an innovative solution that preserves the building’s beauty and integrity while turning it green – just on the inside, of course.”

As the eyes and ears on the ground in Chicago, TEC has helped coordinate the design, manufacture, transport and storage of the custom air handling unit from Racan’s factory in Montreal. "This project proves that, with careful planning, even the most beautiful old buildings can be modernized from the inside out, without harming architectural heritage and integrity," said Grossman. "It saves the owners money, and cuts dangerous carbon emissions dramatically. I hope more historic structures throughout the world will follow suit."

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